Girl Targeted

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Publication Date:
January 23, 2018
ISBN: 9781386619406

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Where do you turn when you can’t trust your friends, your peers, your own husband?

Aoife is a contented newlywed, temping while she awaits the birth of her first child. When her agency asks her to fill in on a temp position, Aoife witnesses a horrific tragedy at the office—one that will change the course of her life forever.

Three months later, now employed full-time at the same workplace, Aoife’s learns that the ‘tragedy’ she witnessed was actually a cold-blooded murder. When she decides to investigate, Aoife discovers that everyone in the organisation has secrets they are desperate to protect. Even her friends cannot be trusted.

An attempt on Aoife’s life proves that somebody is going to extraordinary lengths to ensure the past stays dead and buried—and Aoife along with it.

What’s more, Aoife’s personal life is beginning to unravel. She’s positive she has a stalker but everyone thinks she’s imagining it. Her husband is turning into a stranger who doesn’t care that his wife’s life is in danger, even her mother-in-law is keeping secrets from her.

Convinced that solving the case is the only way her she and her daughter will ever be safe again, Aoife rushes to uncover answers to a shocking scheme of greed, betrayal, and murder before the killer silences her for good.


“Great read. This new writer’s book held my interest throughout…I loved the twists and turns as different characters in the book came under scrutiny as possible murderers as we learnt more about them and about their relationship with the murdered person. I kept wanting to read more and finished the book quickly.”

“Psychological thrillers depend on perfect pacing and carefully built suspense to work, and this novel has both.”
“The characters are relatable and enjoyable/ I suspected everyone at one point! The further you read in the book, the harder it is to put it down… This is a truly great whodunnit.”
“A well written thriller. You need to pay attention to all that’s happening to keep you on your toes and figure out how the plot is taking you.”
“ Usually, with this genre of book, I have figured out ending halfway through the book.This was not the case with Girl Targeted it kept me guessing the whole time I was reading.”
“What an awesome ride!!”
“The choices we make can have lasting consequences, as Aoife finds out. And everyone else too!”
“A nail biting thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat…From the very beginning, I was hooked on this novel. The characters are realistic and flawed, and everyone has a secret they would kill to protect.”
“From the outset this story had me in and the pace of the story kept me wanting to keep reading and find out who the killer was and what was going to happen next.”
“Omg, great book”
“A book that keeps you guessing until the end.”
“I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Awesome read !!’


DCA Office, Manor House, Dame Street, Dublin 2

You can do this. But what if I can’t? You have to. There’s no other way. People do it every day, every hour. They manage and so will you. Don’t think, just act. Another fifteen minutes and all your problems will be over. Life will go back to normal and you’ll never have to think of it again.

Earlier That Day

Sweat trickled down Delia’s back. Her face burned and she could feel something bubbling up from the pit of her stomach. Her hands shot out and were within inches of the girl’s scalp before she realised it. She snatched them away and gouged her nails into the palm of her hand. What was happening to her? She looked around. Had anyone noticed? Her neighbours were on this train. Some of their kids were in Ellen’s preschool. She couldn’t have them thinking the poor child had a lunatic for a mother.

Delia knew she had a reputation for being highly strung, but until recently she had exercised extreme control over her emotions. Her temper tantrums, glorious outbursts that terrified family and colleagues by their violence and unpredictability, were actually carefully orchestrated performances. One or two a year and she controlled everyone in her life. She had always believed more frequent outbursts would be counterproductive. But something had changed in the last month. Almost every day she felt the urge to hurt someone. The previous week a man had bumped against her in the supermarket and she had almost punched him. The incident terrified her. She was a respected member of her community, a single mother with a daughter to support. She couldn’t afford a criminal record. Routine, she decided, was the only answer. Doing the same things, in the same order, at the same time would reduce her stress levels and enable her to keep control. It had worked reasonably well until today.