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Hi, welcome to Aoife’s Ireland.

When I wrote Girl Targeted, my editor pointed out that some of the words I used would not be recognised outside Ireland. To overcome this problem I had to find more easily understood alternatives for words I use every day e.g. ‘press’ (cupboard/closet) and ‘dossing’ (goofing off). The words that survived the edit are easily understood in context but, for those who are interested, I plan to give a more detailed explanation in my ‘Word A Day’, starting on my launch date – 23 January.

I’ll also include pictures of areas mentioned in the book and a link to my Instagram page.

Irish names can be ridiculously difficult to pronounce (who can forget Dennis Quaid’s attempt at pronouncing ‘Saoirse’ Ronan at the Golden Globes). For this reason I have limited the number of Irish names in my book but I will include a video with the correct pronunciation of the few I used.

If there are any words you’d like included, let me know. (See the link to my ‘Contact Me’ page above).

Word of the Day – 23 January 2018 – ‘Guard’.


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