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When I wrote Girl Targeted, my editor pointed out that some of the words I used would not be recognised outside Ireland. To overcome this problem I had to find more easily understood alternatives for words I use every day e.g. ‘press’ (cupboard/closet) and ‘dossing’ (goofing off). The words that survived the edit are easily understood in context but, for those who are interested, I posted explanations on my Instagram page. The earlier posts refer to GIRL TARGETED. I posted my first ONLY LIES REMAIN post a few weeks ago and more will follow shortly. As with my first book, I will also include photos of locations mentioned in ONLY LIES REMAIN.

Irish names can be ridiculously difficult to pronounce (who can forget Dennis Quaid’s attempt at pronouncing ‘Saoirse’ Ronan at the Golden Globes). For this reason I have limited the number of Irish names in my book but I will include a video with the correct pronunciation of the few I used.

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