What’s In A Book Title?

What’s In A Book Title?

Book titles

Do you ever choose a book based on its title?
The first book title that really appealed to me was “Pardon Me, You’re Stepping On My Eyeball”. The title was mentioned at the back of a book I read as a kid. I immediately wanted it. This was before Google so I couldn’t find out what the book was about with one click. All I knew was it sounded fascinating and I had to have it. Of course, pre-Amazon, that proved impossible. For years I looked for it every time I set foot inside a bookstore. I never found it and by the time Google came along, I’d lost interest. I still think the author, Paul Zindel, has a knack for titles. Another of his books is titled “My Darling, My Hamburger”. Who wouldn’t be curious?
Other titles that caught my imagination were “The Secret Life Of Bees” – I had to know what it was about and “The Killing Floor” – it must have appealed to my bloodthirsty side. “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” also attracted me as did “The Devil Wears Prada” – I had an image of a hideous monster trying to co-ordinate a red pitchfork with his designer wardrobe.
Having spent years checking out book titles, you’d think I’d have acquired some knack for them. No such luck. It’s not that I pick bad titles – I can’t think of any at all. My mind goes completely blank any time the subject is raised. I was so desperate to find a title for my new psychological thriller that I even tried an online book title generator. It had some interesting suggestions – “Crime of the Silent Cricketer”, “The Screaming Needle”. “The Ebony Litograph” and, my favourite, “Death of the Miniature Boa” (I’d read that one.) Unfortunately none of them had anything to do with my novel so, as with my first book, I turned to others for help. Several people offered great suggestions and I finally settled on “Only Lies Remain”.
Only Lies Remain will be available for pre-order at the end of November. In the meantime, if you’d like to check out my first thriller ‘Girl Targeted’, click on the link here.


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