Are You A Secret Writer?

Are You A Secret Writer?


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One of the most famous examples of a secret writer is Margaret Mitchell. Although she had been a journalist for many years, Margaret was afraid to let anyone read Gone With The Wind. Rumours spread throughout her writers’ club that Margaret had written a book. She denied it. Margaret told one close friend ‘you know I’m not writing a book. I only write stories.’

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Fortunately for Margaret, getting published was much easier in the 1930s. In 1935 McMillan Publishing sent editor Henry Latham on a tour of the South in search of new manuscripts. One of his stops was Margaret Mitchell’s writers’ club in Atlanta. Several of the members told Henry that Margaret had written a book but that she refused to admit it. They asked him to find out what the book was about. When Henry asked Margaret if he could read this book, Margaret denied she had written anything.
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Henry Latham moved on to this next stop in New Orleans. That evening Margaret Mitchell arrived at his hotel with her book. When Henry went downstairs to meet her, he found Margaret sitting on a sofa beside a pile of ragged manilla envelopes which almost reached her shoulder. Margaret told him she had not yet decided on a first chapter and that she had drafted five possible opening chapters.
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Henry Latham was fascinated by these envelopes. He looked through them the following day and was very impressed. When he returned to his hotel that evening he found a telegram from Margaret which read ‘have changed my mind. Send it back.’ He refused.
Many writers begin as Secret Writers. I know I did. It’s difficult to share something so personal with total strangers. Most of us eventually find the courage to allow others to read our work. However, some people never do. Their work languishes in desks and drawers, never to be seen by the public. Who knows, maybe the book that you’ve hidden away could be the next Gone With The Wind?
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