Ordinary People/Extraordinary Situations

Ordinary People/Extraordinary Situations


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I enjoy the occasional dystopian novel and I have a weakness for characters with special powers. Actually, one of my fantasies is being able to read minds. What better way to understand somebody than to know his/her thoughts? But the characters that interest me most are people like myself who live normal, everyday lives.
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They’re not MacGyver or Jack Reacher. They can’t use the contents of an average house to make a bomb and they’re not able to single-handedly beat up ten people in five minutes. Basically, they muddle through, like most of us.
One such character is Aoife. Aoife is twenty-three, she’s married to her college sweetheart and is pregnant with her first child. Her worries are similar to those of most working women: – money, her relationship with her husband and balancing motherhood with a part-time job.
Aoife tries to live a good life. She worries about other people and tries to help them when she can. She’s not had the easiest of lives and it’s left its mark. It’s made her too insecure to stick up for herself. When people annoy her, Aoife will either try to appease them or she’ll walk away. Confrontation doesn’t come easily to her.
Aoife’s insecurity also prevents her from acknowledging that her marriage isn’t all she would like it to be. Maybe her husband isn’t the perfect partner after all?
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But, like most of us, Aoife has a hidden core of strength which she only discovers when she faces an extraordinary situation.
The interesting thing about ordinary characters is seeing how they will react in situations most of us will never face. Aoife has the same abilities and skills as most of us. Would we react in the same way?
ns grave
Aoife’s extraordinary situation arises when she discovers her new boss’ dead body in the office. She once dreamt of being a reporter and Aoife sees this as her opportunity to launch a career that will allow her to work from home.
Of course, it isn’t long before someone works out what she is doing and Aoife becomes the murderer’s next target.
Can she survive?
Can she succeed where the police have failed and uncover the murderer?
Can she rely on her husband’s support?
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