First Conversations – Robert

First Conversations – Robert

Robert Intro

They both had dark, curly hair, although Dan’s scalp was now clearly visible, but whereas Dan was tall and broad, Robert had the width without the height, which gave him a stocky appearance.
‘Are you on your way home?’
‘Yes. If you’re looking for Laura, she’s still in the office.’
‘I’ve done enough work for one day. I need a drink. Can I buy you one? It’s time we got to know each other.’
‘Thanks, but I have a train to catch.’
‘Surely you have time for one drink?’
Aoife smiled. ‘Us working mothers don’t have any time to socialise. I have to pick up my daughter by six.’
‘Your mother-in-law won’t mind if you’re a little late.’
‘How do you know my mother-in-law’s my childminder?’
‘Dad must have mentioned it.’
‘I didn’t tell your father.’
‘Oh, Dad knows everything. He has spies all over the place.’
‘If Dan wants to know about my childminding arrangements, he only has to ask. Excuse me. I have to rush.’
‘Aoife, wait!’
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