First Conversations – Rachel

First Conversations – Rachel

Dame Street

Dame Street Dublin.

Laura sank down on Rachel’s desk. ‘Did you hear anything earlier?’
‘I think Delia mentioned Robert, but I’m not sure.’
‘Probably making more people redundant so that plonker can be promoted again,’ Joe said. ‘How many times is it now?’
‘Three this year and twice last year. He’s only two stages from CEO. I wouldn’t mind if we hadn’t started on the same day and he was the one with no experience. His salary increased by fifty thousand in the last three years and mine went down by six thousand. How is that fair?’
Laura reached across her and switched the phones to voicemail. ‘He’s progressing at a great rate, all right. Nothing to do with his father being the CEO, of course.’
‘It’s just not right. What are we going to do? There aren’t any jobs out there. I’ve been looking for ages.’
‘You’ll find something, Rachel. It mightn’t be the job you want, but you’re still in your twenties and you have good experience. What about me? Nobody’s going to hire a thirty-eight-year-old mother of four who can only work three days a week.’
‘You don’t have to tell them you have kids, and at least you have a husband to pay the mortgage. I don’t even have a mortgage. The minute I can’t pay the rent, I’m out on the streets.’


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