First Conversations

First Conversations


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Aoife heard the click of the letter box. She was straining to pick up the post when her mobile rang. ‘Hi, sweetheart.’
‘Just checking you’re okay.’
‘Don’t worry so much. I’m not due for another four weeks.’
‘You will take it easy today, won’t you? No rushing off to the shops? If you need anything, phone me and I’ll pick it up on my way home.’
‘I’m not an invalid, Jason. I can’t stay in the house all day, I’d go nuts.’
‘Well, if you have to go out, phone Mum. She’d be happy to drive you wherever you want to go.’
‘I don’t want to go anywhere specific. I’ll probably walk down to the park, get a bit of exercise.’
‘Mum would love that. A walk would do her good.’
Aoife laughed. ‘You make her sound like a geriatric. She’s fitter than either of us. We can’t … oh, that’s probably her on the phone. I’ll call you back.’
Aoife didn’t recognise the number but she was glad of an excuse to drop the subject.
You can find out more about Aoife and my thriller ‘Girl Targeted’ here.


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