Why Vote?

Why Vote?

Vote For Me

The hot topic these days is elections. What will happen in the US midterms? Could Theresa May’s difficulties result in a general election? Will there be an Irish general election in 2019? What about the Irish presidential election on Friday?

See no evil

I try not to follow politics. I feel whatever happens will happen, whether I follow the news or not. My getting stressed and upset about the state of the country/world isn’t helping anyone.
Strangely enough, I make an exception for elections. If I’m within travelling distance of the polling station, I always vote. Even when I don’t like any of the candidates and I don’t care who wins.
I’m pretty sure I voted in the last presidential election but I can’t remember who I voted for and I know I had no interest in the outcome. I figure the Irish President has no power, so what does it matter who holds the post? All that’s necessary is that the President doesn’t embarrass us in public and, even if he did, the country would continue regardless. And I’m dreading the next general election because there is absolutely nobody I want to see in power.
So why do I vote? Three reasons:
  1. People died and suffered in penal colonies so I as an Irish person had the right to vote.
  2. Women died and were imprisoned so I as a woman could vote.


  3. If voting is left to those who feel strongly about an issue, the country will be run by extremists.

Polling Station

So, I will turn up on Friday and vote in the Presidential elections. Although I admit, on this occasion, I have quite strong feelings about some of the candidates.
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