5 Reasons I Became An Author

5 Reasons I Became An Author

1. I Was Made Redundant

Overnight I went from not having a second to myself to not knowing what to do with my spare time.

Writing started as a hobby. I had no idea if I could write. I cackled my way through the first few chapters because I was so amazed I could actually string a few sentences together.


2. I Spent A Lot Of Time In Offices

All my jobs were office based. I’d never read a book set in an office so I decided to write one.




Dame Street Dublin.


3. East, West, Home is Best

I can see Ireland’s many faults and, like most Irish people, I complain about them regularly. But, deep down, I believe there’s no better place and there can’t be enough novels set here.




4. We Don’t See Things As They Are

Many people have a view of their own lives that seems quite bizarre to outsiders. I wanted to explore this theme.



5. A Thriller With Lots of Twists Is Not Enough

I read a thriller that was so exciting I couldn’t put it down but, at the end, the protagonist said: “we will never know why the murderer acted that way”.

It completely ruined the book for me. I need to finish a book and think “that makes sense”. I decided to write the type of book I would enjoy reading.


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